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Announcement of Events

Exhibition of promotional products PSI in Dusseldorf

From January, 12-14/2011 in Dusseldorf will be the largest European exhibition of promotional products PSI. Association "THE UKRAINIAN WATCHES & CLOCKS’ MANUFUCTURING AND TRADE ENTERPRISES UNION” guarantees for its members and partners special conditions for attendance and participation (additional information available with the Secretariat of the Association).

 We invite everyone to attend the event in order to study the possible participation next year, gaining business contacts with more than 7000 European and world professional manufacturers and distributors of promotional products that make up the PSI, as well as monitoring the recent market trends. We provide visa support and accommodation.

PSI booklet is here


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ASSOCIATION “THE UKRAINIAN WATCHES & CLOCKS’ MANUFUCTURING AND TRADE ENTERPRISES UNION”  – private, non-profit-making, open, free-will union of enterprises of watch and jewelry field, specializing in: manufacturing, trade and distribution of all types of watches & clocks,  jewelry, promotional watches & clocks and jewelry, gifts & premiums,  spare parts, other relative products,  tools, instruments, equipment to watches and jewelry, and accordance of whatever services - consultational, exhibitional, technical, other in the field.   


The mission of the Association is to form an independent active business community, to effectively contribute to building an economically successful democratic state, based on small and medium business, through the development of watch and jewelry industry in Ukraine, creating a stable and equitable market for all participants and provide favorable conditions for their effective functioning, as well as legal protection and representation of interests at national and international level. 


The Association provides services for the introduction of foreign brands to the Ukrainian market (representative office in Ukraine, legal and foreign trade support, distribution and promotion, etc.), as well as services to Ukrainian companies towards the development of foreign markets (visiting specialized exhibitions and conferences, partners search, international marketing, etc.). In the domestic market, the Association provides business consulting in all directions, intellectual property rights’ protection, conducting examinations, legal and marketing services, support of foreign trade activities, trainings, seminars and conferences, as well as rights’ defense of market participants and their interaction.


The Association influences on the formulation and implementation of state policy, lobbying for legislation through the membership in the following unifications:


- The Civic Alliance “For the Integrity of Public Procurement” 

- Association of Public Councils’ Members of Ukraine

- The Public Council under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

- The Public Council under State Custom Service of Ukraine

- The Public Council under Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

- The Public Council under Kyiv City State Administration, etc


The Association is open for new members and cooperation in various directions.


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