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Announcement of Events

Exhibition of promotional products PSI in Dusseldorf

From January, 12-14/2011 in Dusseldorf will be the largest European exhibition of promotional products PSI. Association "THE UKRAINIAN WATCHES & CLOCKS’ MANUFUCTURING AND TRADE ENTERPRISES UNION” guarantees for its members and partners special conditions for attendance and participation (additional information available with the Secretariat of the Association).

 We invite everyone to attend the event in order to study the possible participation next year, gaining business contacts with more than 7000 European and world professional manufacturers and distributors of promotional products that make up the PSI, as well as monitoring the recent market trends. We provide visa support and accommodation.

PSI booklet is here


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Mission and goals


Formation of an independent active business community, to effectively contribute to building an economically successful democratic state, based on small and medium business

Main goals:

  • Watch andJewellery business development in Ukraine
  • Establishment ofthestableandpossessingequalrightsmarketforallparticipantsand ensuring of favorable conditions towards their productive activity
  • Marketparticipantslegalprotectionandtheir interestspresentationon national and international level
  • Import/Export trade activities support, etc. 

 Main tasks:

1. Legal and informational base formation, legislation in force and legal acts analysis, which can concern the interests of watch&jewellery industry 

2. Participation on a voluntary basis in law & by-law draft’ development as well as in development of local government acts, which can concern watch&jewellery field participants’ interests, especially in intellectual property rights;  initialization of bringing the changes in legislative acts. Developing of own programs and projects intended for watch&jewellery industry development

3. Representing of the Ukrainian watches&clocks’ manufuctures and suppliers as well as other enterprises, connected with watches&jewellery industry in government authorities’ institutions, on international scene, on whatever national and international arrangements  

4.Realization of all representative functions according instruction of domestic and foreign entities, connected with fulfillment of the Association’s objectives on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. 

5.Making public announcements and public opinion influence regarding law & by-law draft’ development as well as in development of local government acts, which can concern watch&jewellery field participants’ interests. Establishment and maintenance of the cooperation with mass media institutions regarding all the questions concerning goals and activity of the Association. Publication and distribution of educational and other information about problems and actions which influence Ukrainian watch&jewellery industry 

6.Uniting efforts and capabilities of government institutions with Association members for creation favorable conditions within the field, intellectual property rights’ protection, etc.  

7.Experience exchange between Ukrainian and foreign commodity producers and other interested organizations 

8.Giving on voluntary basis scientifically- methodical, informational, consultational services to the Association members and other interested field participants Granting the help in juridical accompaniment of the contracts and intellectual property rights’ protection 

9.Introducing the qualifying requirements to the Association members, conducting their preparation and certification

10.Controlling observance of professional ethics 

11.Organization, conducting, supporting programs of improving professional level and preparing specialists in watch&jewellery industry as well as organization of educational confernces. 

12.Rights protection, including the protection of intellectual property rights of Association members on all the levels. Control of  public  procurements’ procedure of watches&clocks, analogous and  subtend products. 

13.Organization and conducting of conferences, discussing meetings, lectures, courses, practice seminars, regarding the questions devoted to watches&clocks industry and also the problems of market structure development with attraction of the experts, statesmen and public figures, other interesting reporters. Organization and conducting of the competitions between the enterprises of watch&jewellery industry on national and international level.

14.Supporting the enterprises which operating on the international markets: help in intellectual property rights’ protection, organization of exhibitions, etc.) 


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